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  T - Tenor
  DT - Dbl Tenor
  DS - Dbl Seconds
  Q - Quadraphonic
  C - Cello
  B - Bass
  Drs - Drums

Artist Seriesmusic for advanced steel band

Jump High - Len Boogsie Sharpe   New piece
AS5 • $75.00 • Length: 8:00 • Panorama Calypso • Grade Six
Lengendary Steel Band composer Len Boogsie Sharpe has crafted another classic Panorama winner! "Jump High" was performed by 2014 Panorama champion Phase II Pan Groove in the Large Conventional Steel band finals. This work has the perfect blend to showcase your steel band's virtuosity and power. This arrangement displays a variety of steel band timbres, moods, and some wonderful use of dynamics. Jams in major and minor contrast nicely with some blazing work in the upper pans. It concludes with a joyous coda that would make Beethoven proud. Simply put, this is another "Boogsie" masterpiece! Listen to Phase II perform this tune in the 2014 Panorama Finals
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Compound Curve - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
AS3 • $50.00 • Length: 6:40 • 5/8 Calypso / 6/8 African • Grade Five
Compound Curve is a tour du force for steel band that is based on a unique 5/8 calypso groove that moves to a bridge in 3/4 and later has djembe and percussion fueled solo section and finale in in african inspired 6/8 feel . Talk about a change of pace, this song is different from anything your band has played and is a great closer that is appropriate for a solid college ensemble. Fun and different!
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Marche Slave - P. I. Tchaikovsky, arr. Liam Teague   Click to hear sound clip
AS4 • $70.00 • Length: 10:30 • Classical • Grade Six
The classic Opus 31 of Tchaikovsky is adapted for steel orchestra in this stunningly rich tour de force that requires at least 25 pan players due to divisi parts in all the pans except bass. This is the most demanding work in our catalog. Rather than say more we suggest you give it a listen.
T, DT, DS, Q, C, B, SD, BD, Cyms., Tam-Tam, Timp.   Add to cart
Pan 2000 - Cliff Alexis   Click to see the YouTube video
AS2 • $70.00 • Length: 10:00+ • Panorama Style Calypso • Grade Six
The Northern Illinois University Steel Band took second place in 2000 at the first ever World Steel Band Festival in Trinidad with this Cliff Alexis original. This piece has to be considered a masterpiece and is written by one of steel bands great writers. Pan 2000 has it all: great melody, power, an old time jam, and wonderful variations. This will be well worth the time in the practice room getting ready to perform this gem.
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For the Day - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
AS1 • $60.00 • Length: 8:25 • 3/4 Brazilian Pop • Grade Five
This work is influenced by the music of Pat Metheny and the music of Trinidad. It has a soaring, Brazilian-jazz quality and incorporates a double-ride pattern in the drum set. For The Day features all the pan parts. The drummer solos over the rhythmically surprising introduction. There are four main themes, including the intro, which are all given variations and development at different times within the piece. All players, including the drummer, will be challenged by this piece. For The Day really moves, while at the same time remaining light, and combining accessible melodies with rhythmic excitement. This piece was awarded first prize in the 1996 PAS composition contest for steel band.
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