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  T - Tenor
  DT - Dbl Tenor
  DS - Dbl Seconds
  Q - Quadraphonic
  C - Cello
  B - Bass
  Drs - Drums

Classic Seriesmodern adaptations for steel band

Amazing Grace - Trad., arr. Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
CLS5 • $40.00 • Length: 3:20 • Grade Two
One of the most simple and beautiful melodies ever written. This version of "Amazing Grace" is an elegant treatment that includes a variation on the original harmony and a new melody that comes in after the standard melody has been played twice. Djembe and cabasa provide a stately rhythmic accompaniment. Good for a beginner to intermediate ensemble.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Djembe and Cabasa   Add to cart
America the Beautiful - Samuel Ward, arr. Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CLS1 • $40.00 • Length: 2:40 • Syncopated March • Grade Three
The patriotic standard is adapted for steel band with a march-like accompaniment of field drum, bass drum, and cymbals. All five pan parts play the melody at some point in the arrangement and there is a syncopated rhythm under the soaring melody. Begins in C Major and ends in D Major.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Field Drum, Bass Drum, Cym   Add to cart
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Trad., arr. Paul G. Ross
CLS4 • $35.00 • Length: 2:50 • Reggae Shuffle • Grade Two
The bouncy reggae shuffle is a perfect fit for this christmas classic. An easy tune for a beginning group with a fun feel.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Ode to Joy - Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CLS2 • $40.00 • Length: 3:45 • Calypso • Grade Three
Beethoven's famous melody is given the caribbean treatment on this calypso version. A reharmonization is also added along with a montuno-ish development of the theme. A great piece for the concert hall or the dance hall.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Silent Night - Gruber, arr. Paul G. Ross
CLS3 • $45.00 • Length: 3:30 • Ballad • Grade Three
Beginning with the calm of a single cello note and growing into sonorous radiance of the entire steel band, this arrangement wonderfully displays a richness and warmth that steel band music doesn't always have.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Perc (Bass Dr, Cym, Tri)   Add to cart

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