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  T - Tenor
  DT - Dbl Tenor
  DS - Dbl Seconds
  Q - Quadraphonic
  C - Cello
  B - Bass
  Drs - Drums

Concert Seriesmusic for intermediate steel band

Gymnopedie No. 1 - Eric Satie, arr. Elizabeth DeLamater   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
MW3 • $40.00 • Length: 3:10 • Classical • Grade Two
A lovely adaptation of French composer Eric Satie's hauntingly beautiful piano piece.
T, DT, DS, C, B   Add to cart
Black Steel - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
CS22 • $45.00 • Length: 4:30 • Samba • Grade Three
Commissioned by Kirk J. Gay and the University of Central Florida "Black Steel" Steel Band in 2008, This piece explores samba, baion, and partido alto versions of samba. The song opens with some intense ensemble works that leads into the main themes. Later there is a long bridge in a partido alto feel, after a return to the earlier themes there is a long coda that melds samba with rock and features all the pans in a big finish.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Path to the Circle - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
CS23 • $45.00 • Length: 4:40 • Calypso • Grade Three
Commissioned by Mark Dorr and the Grinnell College Steel Band in 2009, "Path" is a calypso with an old time feel. This happy tune has a jam that transitions into some minor melodic content by the cellos and bass before returning to the main melody again. A fun catchy number for you and your band.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Reach Out - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip   Click to see the YouTube video
CS24 • $45.00 • Length: 4:15 • Songo/Calypso • Grade Three
Commissioned by Mark Dorr and the Grinnell College Steel Band in 2008, Reach Out is an upbeat tune with 5 sections, and includes an optional solo over an extended bridge. Most of the piece is in a songo style and bridge goes to a calypso. Give it a listen!
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Afro-Pan - Jim Royle   Click to hear sound clip
CS15 • $45.00 • Length: 3:30 • Afro-Cuban 6/8 • Grade Three
Percussion solos, active bass lines, and fun polyrhythms all come together to form an exciting chart with an afro-cuban feel. The pans have three different sections that are interspersed with percussion solos featuring drums, congas, cabasa, and cow bell. The final section has the melody played by the cellos and double seconds. This chart is a great way for your band to explore basic african polyrhythms.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs and Perc   Add to cart
Alone - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS1 • $45.00 • Length: 6:40 • Pop/Ballad • Grade Three
The tempo is slow and the rhythms are accessible. The challenges in Alone are the dynamics, key signatures (3 to 6 flats) and musicality. An accelerando and ritard help to shape this piece. It begins with a long gradual build, with the drummer using brushes, moving into a light rock groove. Later, the piece winds back down to the original haunting theme and ends quietly. Alone is a fine way to feature your band's softer, more lyrical side.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs, and Perc   Add to cart
Ana Street - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS2 • $45.00 • Length: 4:50 • Calypso/Soca • Grade Three
Inspired by the composer's trip to Trinidad, Ana Street is an upbeat tune with eight short sections and an optional improvised solo section. This piece uses simple chromatic lines in the intro and transition. Written in the keys of F and G Major, this calypso winds its way through many subtle changes in texture.
T, DT, DS, Q, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Ask - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS3 • $45.00 • Length: 4:10 • Ska • Grade Three
Ask is an energetic number with a contrasting chorale for a bridge that accentuates the lively nature of ska which returns after the bridge section. There is also a solo section in G major before the theme is played to an exciting conclusion.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Assurance - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS17 • $45.00 • Length: 4:35 • Pop • Grade Three
A brief chorale opens Assurance and out of that emerges a relaxing melody on double seconds which are featured prominently throughout. This arrangement has a medium pop feel that is fairly simple, making this a good choice for a band that is just learning intermediate level music. Optional solo sections are included in the middle and end of the tune. A rockin bridge highlights all the pans and gives pieces of the melody to the cellos and double tenors. A fun groove and a broad dynamic range make for a satisfying piece.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Calypso For Pan - Cliff Alexis   Click to hear sound clip
CS4 • $45.00 • Length: 5:00 • Calypso • Grade Four
This classic by Cliff Alexis is being made available for the first time. This exciting calypso has interesting parts throughout. There is a light quality to this work due to the voicings and at times because of the lack of strum in the Double Seconds.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Calypso Jim - Jim Royle   Click to hear sound clip
CS16 • $45.00 • Length: 3:15 • Calypso/Songo • Grade Three
Calypso Jim is two parts calypso and one part songo. The songo bridge has drums and percussion grooving behind the pans playing brass-like kicks. In the "B" section tenor and double tenor have a tricky syncopated melody that makes for a very interesting feel. Timbales and drums get to set up the songo with their own soli section. If you're looking for something just a bit more challenging than a beginning calypso, this is it!
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs and Perc   Add to cart
Close to Home - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS18 • $45.00 • Length: 5:00 • Bossa/Samba • Grade Four
This Bossa Nova is a fairly involved piece with many sections and themes. Beginning softly in G major, Close to Home gradually crescendos over the first few sections then goes through some exciting variations in G minor with some challenging interplay between pans. A variation in A major is followed by a return to the head that winds down for a soft finish.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Companions - David Macbride   Click to hear sound clip
CS14 • $45.00 • Length: 4:00 • Calypso • Grade Four
Suitable for advanced high school or college ensembles, Companions incorporates contemporary sounds and language (conch shell, occasional dissonant harmonies) into the traditional calypso style. There are a few odd meters and unusual note groupings. If you're looking for a unique and fresh perspective on a calypso - this is it!
T, DS, C, B, Drs, Perc. - including conch shell   Add to cart
Dauntless - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS5 • $40.00 • Length: 4:00 • Pop/Ska/Calypso • Grade Three
Dauntless combines elements of several styles including calypso, rock, funk, ska, and blues. The piece is written in B-flat major with some accidentals. This one will get your band's adrenaline flowing with its powerful sound and an 8 bar drum solo near the end.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Evening Walk - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS6 • $40.00 • Length: 4:20 • Pop • Grade Three
Evening Walk begins with a mellow rock groove that goes from C to C-sharp minor. The melody is an interesting line with a wandering nature. The chorus is a heavier rock section in E-flat major. There is also an option of a written or improvised double tenor solo.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Fall - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS7 • $45.00 • Length: 5:00 • Slow Samba/Rock • Grade Three
Fall is a piece written in two distinct sections. The "A" theme is in C minor and the "B" theme is written in E-flat Major. Each section of pans is featured at different points in the work, either with counter or primary melodies. An improvised solo section is included and moves slightly out of the key at one point. The most challenging section is a tenor variation that takes place over the original melody that is played in the seconds, cello and bass.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
If She Only Knew - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS8 • $40.00 • Length: 3:35 • Contemporary Classical • Grade Four
Showcase the depth and beauty of your steel band with this musically rewarding piece. The challenge of this piece is in the musical details such as rolls, tempo changes, dynamics and a few difficult runs. This elegant piece begins with a single line played by the double tenor and adds pans until the entire ensemble plays in an orchestral style. If She Only Knew will be a pleasant change of pace from standard steel band programming.
T, DT, DS, C, B, and Perc featuring Tri, Sus Cym and Bells   Add to cart
In Sync With You - Ray Holman   Click to hear sound clip
CS9 • $50.00 • Length: 4:00 • Calypso/Rock • Grade Three
In Sync With You is a fun and thrilling mixture of calypso and rock styles with the rich harmonies that Ray Holman's compositions are known for. There are six small sections to this work with an optional solo vamp near the end.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Lorraine - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS20 • $45.00 • Length: 4:00 • Cha Cha • Grade Three
Lorraine is a d minor cha cha complete with an improvised solo section for a bridge. A classic cuban groove with a lot of rhythmic variety. Every pan part gets to shine individually and the entire ensemble has powerful unison figures as well. Give this one a listen!
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
No Excuses - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS10 • $45.00 • Length: 4:40 • Calypso/Soca • Grade Three
No Excuses is a bright sounding chart that alternates between the keys of B-flat and E-flat Major. The bridge provides a contrast and has a feeling of suspension. The theme returns, played by the lower pans. The coda has an optional solo section.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Pan Hip - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS11 • $45.00 • Length: 5:50 • Hip Hop/Pop • Grade Three
Pan Hip is a unique piece for steel band that combines a hip-hop feel with a blues tonality. The piece is set up with a strong groove that is played by the lower pans. The tenor adds the blues-like elements on top before moving to a soaring "B" melody with lots of rolls. Highlights include exciting interplay between pans and a powerful ending with a solo section for one or more soloists.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Summer Song - Cliff Alexis   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
CS21 • $45.00 • Length: 6:00 • Samba • Grade Three
This classic Cliff Alexis tune was penned in the '80s and is finally available in published form. It's a C minor samba with an infectious melody. The chart has a wonderful written cello solo and space for an open improvised drum solo. You'll love this piece from the first moment you start working on it!.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
This Spring - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS12 • $40.00 • Length: 4:00 • Pop Ballad • Grade Three
The melody for This Spring uses vocal-like phrasing and is slightly syncopated. This piece is built on a verse-chorus format and is written in the keys of B-flat and D major. The second half of the piece features the double seconds playing the melody while the tenor and double tenor play counter melody. A solo section is played before the final statement of the majestic chorus. A fading two bar vamp closes out the piece.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Topic of Conversation - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
CS13 • $50.00 • Length: 4:45 • Afro-Cuban/Samba • Grade Four
Topic of Conversation has a great deal of percussion added to the contrapuntal pan voices to create an interesting blend of rhythm and melody. G-sharp minor makes for a challenge as does the syncopation throughout the piece. Unison pan figures are surrounded by timbale fills before an "all out" samba. The form is a rondo that begins and ends with cowbell and a twisting rhythmic melodic line.
T, DT, DS, C, B, and Perc   Add to cart
Toucan Summer - Kirk J. Gay   Click to hear sound clip
CS19 • $45.00 • Length: 3:50 • Latin Pop/Classical • Grade Three
Toucan is our first published tune by by Kirk J. Gay and it's a really good one! This catchy tune sounds good the first time you hear it and it has a fun latin pop feel that eventually changes to a bridge that is best described as classical sounding and features the seconds and cello playing a wonderful minor melody over arpeggiated triplets in the upper pans. A great combination of styles and moods.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart

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