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  T - Tenor
  DT - Dbl Tenor
  DS - Dbl Seconds
  Q - Quadraphonic
  C - Cello
  B - Bass
  Drs - Drums

Discovery Seriesmusic for beginning steel band

Down Time - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
DS16 • $40.00 • Length: 4:00 • Island Ballad • Grade One
Simple rhythmic and melodic motives along with that laid back "island" fell make up this relaxing tune. This piece can be a nice compliment to the more up tempo calypsos that make up most steel band concert programs.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Halfway to Ninety - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
DS17 • $40.00 • Length: 2:45 • Medium Soca • Grade Two
A very simple quarter note melody is used over a medium soca groove. A bit different than your usual calypso with a bridge that has some fun double tenor licks. Stays in G major with a few accidentals thrown in.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Hannah's Mambo - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
DS18 • $40.00 • Length: 3:30 • Mambo • Grade Two
Finally! A cool mambo for beginning steel band. This tune in B-flat has two sections complete with authentic rhythms, catchy melody, timbale fills and even a calypso bridge with optional pan solo thrown in. Your band is going to love this one. Enjoy!
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Open Water - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
DS19 • $40.00 • Length: 3:00 • Calypso • Grade Two
A new calypso in our continuing series of beginner calypsos. Open Water has 4 different sections played on after another to give a different flavor when compared to a two section song.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
A Distant Memory - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS9 • $35.00 • Length: 2:40 • 3/4 Largo • Grade One
This somber piece can display another side of what a steel band can sound like. A great piece for developing balance and dynamic control in a beginning steel band. A Distant Memory's primary motif is a half note followed by a quarter note. Warm and romantic.
T, DT, DS, C, B   Add to cart
A Year From Now - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS3 • $40.00 • Length: 4:30 • Pop/Rock • Grade One
A Year From Now employs a rock groove and key changes. There are unison rhythms throughout the tune. The form is a standard verse-chorus-bridge. The mood is slightly darker than the other pieces in the Discovery Series.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
By Chance - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS5 • $40.00 • Length: 3:15 • Reggae Shuffle • Grade Two
Modeled after the feel of Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier", By Chance is a bouncy piece that has two themes and a bridge that builds up dynamically before returning to the first theme. An optional solo section is included.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Dusk - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS12 • $40.00 • Length: 2:49 • Bossa Nova • Grade One
Smooth and sophisticated. Bring the sounds of Brazil into your steel band with this very accessible bossa. The cello pan is featured with simple fills that compliment the melody
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
The Game of Love - Steve Flowers   Click to hear sound clip
DS13 • $40.00 • Length: 2:39 • Reggae • Grade Two
This melody will grab you the first time you play it and it won't let go after that! The first section includes that infectious melody in G major, while the second section has an a minor tonality with call and response between the lower and upper pans.The bridge is in F major and is an excellent compliment to the rest of this well crafted piece. There is also an optional solo section.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
I Know What You're Thinking - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS6 • $40.00 • Length: 3:30 • Funky Shuffle • Grade Two
This energetic tune has a taste of blues, rock and reggae. The piece begins with an infectious bass line that is doubled by the cellos. Interesting innerplay between pans and a lyrical bridge make this piece enjoyable to hear and play.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Land of Dreams - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS11 • $40.00 • Length: 4:00 • African 3/4 • Grade Two
The most basic polyrhythm, 2 against 3, is used throughout this rich melodic piece. The djembe and rolled tones in the lower pans set the mood under a romantic melody in A major. Land of Dreams has two main sections that combine interesting rhythm with soaring melodies.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Djembe, Surdo, Triangle, Afuche   Add to cart
Make a Move - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS4 • $40.00 • Length: 4:00 • Caribbean Pop • Grade Two
Make a Move has a calypso/New Orleans groove and makes use of the first 5 notes of the A minor scale. After a unison intro, two larger themes develop along with an optional solo over a two chord vamp (A min to E7). This piece works well with a group of beginners.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Momentum - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS14 • $45.00 • Length: 4:15 • Reggae (Stepper) • Grade Two
This is the type of groove that Steward Copeland made famous with the Police back in the early 80's. Momentum really moves and it features every pan in your ensemble. It begins with the bass and cello setting the stage with a catchy bass line. The melody simply floats over the top of the active bass line. Also included are some spots where the drummer gets to shine and a coda that rocks! There is also an optional solo section. This piece was commissioned by Zane Taylor and the Maelstrum Steel Band from Bryan, Texas.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs & perc   Add to cart
Monday Night - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS1 • $40.00 • Length: 2:50 • Calypso • Grade One
Monday Night is in the key of C Major with no accidentals. There are four basic parts to the chart; Intro, "verse", "chorus" and a bridge which has a brief solo figure in each pan. This tune is a nice way to introduce beginning steel bands to a simple pop form and basic calypso rhythms.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
November Soca - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS10 • $40.00 • Length: 4:05 • Soca • Grade One
Basic calypso rhythms are employed in this E minor soca. The steel bands of Trinidad and Tobago often use "jam" sections and so does November Soca. There are three other fun sections as well. If you've played and enjoyed our beginning calypso Monday Night you'll love November Soca.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Rakin' - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS7 • $40.00 • Length: 3:10 • Up Tempo Rocker • Grade One
This one will become one of your band's favorites. An exciting feel and catchy melodies in G minor combine for an audience grabber. The melody is built on a simple rhythm of a quarter and two eighth notes.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Speak Your Mind - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS15 • $40.00 • Length: 2:35 • Calypso/Pop • Grade One
Filled with basic rhythms in three contrasting sections, Speak Your Mind is a fine choice for your beginning steel band with a style that resides somewhere between the lands of pop and calypso. A great tune in which to get your new pan players' feet wet.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart
Waiting for Summer - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS8 • $35.00 • Length: 3:40 • Soca • Grade Two
Waiting for Summer, although scored for five part steel band, is essentially written for three pan players. The tenor and double tenor both play melody, the seconds and cello strum the same part and bass completes the group. This approach can help a small and inexperienced band sound fuller and more confident.
T or DT, DS or C, B, Drs   Add to cart
When You Smile - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
DS2 • $40.00 • Length: 3:10 • Rock Steady/Reggae • Grade Two
When You Smile is in the key of B-flat Major but has some pitches outside of the key. The tempo is moderate with all parts containing syncopated rhythms. It has an upbeat character and a bridge that features the bass and cellos on a four measure bassline.
T, DT, DS, C, B, Drs   Add to cart

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