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Escuela - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
RST8 • $10.00 • Grade Four/Five
Escuela is a solo cha cha for tenor pan. Throughout much of the piece the soloist plays a melody and a montuno accompaniment at the same time. A fun three minute solo with a great Cuban feel.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
Danny Boy - Paul G. Ross   New piece   Click to hear sound clip
RSC3 • $10.00 • Grade Three
The beloved song Danny Boy as arranged for solo cello pans plays through the entire song twice in this version. The first time is more sparse and the 2nd time adds a bit more rhythmic feel and closes with a brief coda. This solo is about 3:20 long.
Cello Solo   Add to cart
The Honeybee - Liam Teague   Click to hear sound clip
RST5 • $10.00 • Grade Four
The Honey Bee requires the player to use three sticks to play chords on this beautiful lilting solo.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
5 Miniatures for Solo Steel Pan - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
RST4 • $15.00 • Grade Five
The five movements are: Waltz, Ragtime, Gigue, Berceuse, and Soca. This suite of diverse styles will present rhythmic, dynamic, and musical challenges for the solo panist. A fine work that can be used as recital or study material.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
Diminishing Return - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip
RST1 • $10.00 • Grade Five
Diminishing Return, as the name implies, is built entirely on a diminished scale. The meter is in 5/8 and 5/16. It explores a wide dynamic range and has the contrast of sparse melodic passages and sequential flurries that really show off the possibilities inherent in the Tenor.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
Impressions - Liam Teague   Click to hear sound clip
RST6 • $12.00 • Grade Six
A virtuousic tour de force. Impressions is the most demanding solo in our catalog that will test even the advanced panist.
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North - South - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip   Click to see the YouTube video
RST2 • $10.00 • Grade Four
North - South is a two movement piece that can be performed separately or together. Both movements are between 2 and 3 minutes in length. North is the quiet movement and South is a fast calypso.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
Raindrops - Liam Teague   Click to hear sound clip
RST7 • $12.00 • Grade Five
A flowing stream of perpetual 16th notes that begins andante and moves into allegro and back again.
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A Visit to Hell - Liam Teague   Click to hear sound clip
RST3 • $15.00 • Grade Five
A Visit to Hell has already become well known due to Liam's many performances around the world. It was also recorded on his first CD, "Hands Like Lightning". This four movement work is an ambitious piece that is perfect for any recital.
Tenor Solo   Add to cart
Little Ryan - Paul G. Ross   Click to see the YouTube video
RSDS1 • $10.00 • Grade Four
Little Ryan is an accessible work that is built on simple melodies and tonality. This piece really explores the range of the instrument (low G up to high G).
Double Seconds Solo   Add to cart
One Child - Paul G. Ross   Click to see the YouTube video
RSC1 • $10.00 • Grade Three
One Child is a solo that emphasizes the rich nature of the Cello pans. This piece has a somber quality that allows the performer to take liberties with the tempo.
Cello Solo   Add to cart
Ron Doe - Paul G. Ross   Click to hear sound clip   Click to see the YouTube video
RSC2 • $10.00 • Grade Four
Ron Doe sounds classical at times but contains a healthy dose of calypso syncopation as well. As the name implies, it is written in rondo form.
Cello Solo   Add to cart
Duet - Paul G. Ross
RS2-1 • $15.00 • Grade Five
Duet is a three movement work. I. Line II. Song III. Turn. Player one plays Double Seconds on Line and Turn and Tenor on Song. Player Two is on Cellos for all three movements. Line is written in 7/4 and is a musical line based on four chords in perpetual motion. Song is a lyrical movement. Turn is a tour de force that changes meter and features both players prominently.
Player 1-Tenor, Double Seconds Player 2-Cello   Add to cart
For Lack of Better Words - Robert Chappell   Click to hear sound clip
RS2-2 • $12.00 • Grade Four
The disparate timbres of the tenor steelpan and marimba compliment each other in this Latin-tinged piece. Featuring intricate contrapuntal lines and complex harmonies, the players alternate improvised modal solos before concluding with a virtuoso finish.
Tenor Pan and Marimba Duet   Add to cart
Berceuse - Paul G. Ross   Click to see the YouTube video
RS2-3 • $10.00 • Grade Three
A melodic 12/8 lullaby with cello playing accompaniment to the lyrical rolled melody of the tenor pan.
Tenor Pan and Cello Pan Duet   Add to cart

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